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2015 Contraptionists Camp Pictures
Right Click on Thumbnail and open in new window for that collection
If you have pictures to add please send them to RouseMouse at this site
To download the original full sized picture file click the thumbnail on the collections page to open the mid sized version of that picture, then remove the o at the end of that larger pictures file name in the URL address location bar in your browser and hit enter to open full sized picture on that page. this could take a while to download , the files are large and tend to range from 1 to 1 1/2 mb. if the mid size version works for you please use it, to save my band width use, other wise feel free to use original file as a camp mate.
thank you .

All pictures copyright 2015 by the photographer who took it, no comercial use allowed without written permissions availiable through RouseMouse at this website .

Daniels Pictures

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