I have a cold ,
and maybe a fever ...
It's hot in here , or is it cold ?
I've been lying there in bed having a strange conversation in my head ...
I'll try to relate it.
The conversation is somehow related to the burningman festival I have returned from and possibly had larry Harvey in the circle ... Being self centered I couldn't tell you what anyone else said and I really know nothing of art ...
And don't think of myself as an artist .
But it went something as follows ;
What is art ?
I have some metals I cast , , some made into tangible concepts giving the ability to see the statements ,
some ,
    little fidgets , , pieces of wax that felt right so I made them into metal ,
        to last .
What is ?
        ART ?
Is the little clacker I made , ( a tube with crimped ends and a ball bearing inside ) Art ? ,,, or just an amusement made of scraps from my shop ,
            saved from the trash or recycling ?
What is art ?
Zap has a piece in his garden ... I'm not sure I like it , ( sorry Zappy), it's made of old metal and bicycle rims .

    It seems almost like an attempt to make art from stuff that was to be thrown away ...
        It doesn't flow .. It's not clean ... It just stands there like an old coat rack with things hung on it , ,
                and the lines don't connect ...
What is art ?
    Where does art begin , life end and recycling start ?
What is art ?
I made my fidgets ... I made the shape then cast them .....
Are they art ?
        I like the lines . They flow , , they fit in your fingers and allow you to rub them ...
but are they art ?

    The "Great why" is carefully laid out ,,
It needs to be planted , Just so ...
It says all things are equal ...
Whether it be the polished tips at one end or the pile of trash on the other .
One side splits defining the parting of the Y to it's separate ends , the other side curves back .. all ends being connected ...
It's all one piece , planted , Just so .
what is art ?
It's the same as zaps circles ...
He sees what I don't and I see what they can't ..
All being connected ...
A piece ot tarp hung across the dessert ... it's big , and dull from the dust ... Is it art ? .. From some sides it looks like an ancient bird ready to take flight , others a wall , others an old tarp , maybe hung for shade , to be tossed when the day is done
When does the art begin and the recycling end ?
What is ?
My clacker is just a diversion ,  to sidetrack the mind , but I made it .
I cut the tube and filed the ends ..
But is it art ?
My fidget has  lines , that curve , leading from one to the next , flowing in a patinad bronze surface that has feel ,
    and substance.
It's just a small piece of bronze ready to be melted down into something useful .
is it art ?
and where does the recycling begin ?
I think I have a fever ...
I have a cold.
To bed.